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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Are the themes compatible with latest version of WordPress?
A. Yes, Our themes are compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

Q. I want to purchase a theme, What is the general process?
A. We use PayPal as our primary checkout system. After you decide the theme and license name, click on the ‘Purchase’ buttons from the product page and it will take you to the PayPal. After you complete the purchase, an automatic email will arrive to your inbox with login details of download area in it. Using that login info, You can download the theme in zip format. You can upload the theme & activate it but it will not work until you enter the license key.
Use your PayPal email address as your license key.

Q. Paypal is not working for me, Are there any Alternative payment options?
A. PayPal is our primary and then we have credit card option.

Q. When will i receive the product?
A. After you purchase, an automatic email will arrive to your inbox with login details in it. Usually it takes 1 – 5 mins to get the login info.

Q. Where is my license key?
A. Your license key has been sent to your email which you received after you finished the order.

Q. License key is not working, Why?
A. There might be two reasons,
1. You may be entering the key wrong, So make sure you copy the key from the email and paste it carefully.
If you have any other questions or suggestions, then please Contact Us.

Q. What about future theme updates? Are they free?
A. Yes, Future theme updates are free for all customers.

Q. Lets say i purchase ‘SinglePro’ Can i upgrade to MultiplePRO in future?
A. yes, you can upgrade to the license in future, You just have to pay the price difference. To upgrade contact us via Contact page or email us on help@magazine3.com.

Q. Do you provide any documentations or Tutorials?
A. Yes, we include the documentations with in the theme package. To access the docs, Just go to theme options page and click on ‘View Documentation’.

Q. What kind of Support do i get?
A. Our customer support is the best in WordPress team. We offer installation for free as part of our awesome customer support. If you are facing some issue, Our support team will go and fix themselves.

Q. How can i get Support?
A. We provide support via Helpdesk. Go to your members area then navigate to Helpdesk. If you want to ask anything, create a new ticket.

Q. Can i use one of your theme to develop my client site?
A. Yes, You can use our themes to develop your clients sites.

Q. Can i modify the theme to fit my personal needs?
A. Yes, You are free to customize the theme to your personal needs. If you need any help, Write on our support forum and we will help you.

Q. What if found an error when using one of the theme, Will you help me?
A. Of course, we will help you fix the issues.

Q. Will you refund if i don’t like the theme or If i find the theme is not for me?
A. Because of the nature of themes, Which are non-tangible goods & Digital products, we therefore cannot give you refunds.

We always provide Very clear descriptions about themes & Live demos, If you still have any Pre-sales questions, You can ask our live sales agent or email your questions at help@magazine3.com. Always read FAQ before purchasing a theme.

We want you to be satisfied, So if you are facing any issues, let us know at help@magazine3.com and Our support developer will to your backend and fix the issues.

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