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Mozilla Adopts Red Pandas, Broadcasts Their Adorable Antics on Webcam

By Matt Kaludi / February 9, 2011 / Gaming

mozillaadoptsfirefoxes Mozilla may have struck marketing gold by recently adopting a pair of red pandas. The adorable raccoon-like creatures (also known as fire foxes in Chinese) were adopted from the Knoxville Zoo and are now the central characters in a campaign to raise awareness about their vulnerable status in the ecosystem. As an added bonus, Mozilla picks up some good PR and publicity for its Firefox browser (which should be hitting version 4.0 soon) and we get to watch red pandas be freakin’ cute. That’s right, Mozilla is broadcasting the antics of the painfully delightful duo, 24/7 via webcam. Even better, you can help improve life for the pandas by simply downloading Firefox. As the browser meets certain download milestones, the Mozilla crew will donate new treats and equipment to the pandas. Users have already earned the pair a new jungle gym; up next are new grass flats for the two to scamper about.

You can check out the live stream at Just make sure you don’t have anything important to do before you click that link. It’s a serious productivity-killer.

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