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by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

Asus has a Secret Weapon against the iPad

In a recent interview with IDG, Jonny Shih -the chairman of ASUS- has mentioned that his company is working on a “Secret Weapon” that no one has seen yet, but that the world will soon see as we get closer to the launch date. He also...

HP TouchPad
by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

HP TouchPad first hands-on! (updated with video!)

By now, you know how HP’s new slate compares to the crowd — now, see how it looks up close and personal. We just got our hands on that dual-core Palm webOS tablet here in San Francisco, and it’s a beaut, with a slim black...

ipad 2 mockup
by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

Apple is a cyclical creature, like bears, unicorns and ladyfolk. iPods in September; iPhones in June; and likely, iPads in April. April is not so far away! So, unsurprisingly, we’re starting to hear what the next iPad looks like. The...