Major Changes in Affiliate Program and Commission Increased to 40%

Improving affiliate system was one of our top priority and we were working on this for quite some time. The idea behind this change is to turn complex navigation of affiliate system to an easier one, so our affiliate partners can check their payment reports and navigate around easily.

One of the big challenge that we faced during this migration is, if we try to make this transition from an old affiliate platform to an improved one, then all affiliate links will be dead and the affiliate partners will have to get new affiliate links and add it in their articles, ads and websites. We were stuck at this point for a past few months, but after many late night discussions and meetings, we decided to take a leap of faith and we hope that our affiliate partners will support our decision.

What has been changed exactly:

1. Affiliate area can be accessed from the – We have transferred all affiliate accounts to the new system with all the details except the password. So to login into the new affiliate system, Go to and enter your username in ‘Need Your Password?’ section and you will receive the password in email. Then once you have the password, you will be able to login into the new affiliate system.

You might be thinking what will happen to affiliate system and the links that you have on your websites?

We understand that affiliate partners will need some time to replace the old affiliate links with new links, so we have decided to keep the old affiliate platform online till the end of this month. So if you make a sale using your old affiliate link then you will still earn commission for it. The old Affiliate programme will be be closed from 1st December, so you still have almost one month to update the affiliate links. Affiliate Commissions from old affiliate platform will be transferred to your account in the new affiliate platform after the 1st of December.

2. Affiliate commission has been increased from 25% to 40% per sale, that means you will earn more commission on each sale.

3. New & improved account overview page. Affiliate partners can see how much commission they earned and when the next payment will be released.

4. ‘Payment History’ area to check the payments status.

5. Improved Traffic log and Reports.

6. We have a new tool built into the affiliate system called “Alternate Incoming Page Links” creator, it helps you create a redirecting url with affiliate link on it.

7. Pre-built code for affiliate banners with your affiliate links, so you can just copy and paste the Affiliate banner code. No need to changed the links every time.

We are constantly working to find new ways to improve your experience and we would like to get your valuable feedback on this.
We really appreciate your support.

– Matt & Magazine3 Team


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