LocalEdition Theme Released – First Theme of 2015!

You might remember that we published a sneak peek of a LocalEdition theme on 8th Dec 2014 and we were planning to release  it within the month of December but unfortunately we failed to meet the deadline and we were able to release the theme today on 9th Jan 2015. It’s okay I guess because this theme required a lot of crafting, and we did not want to compromise with design quality for the sake of meeting the deadline. We will try to be more practical with assigning dates to our goals.

We are proud to announce the first theme of the year 2015, ‘LocalEdition‘.

LocalEdition is a Modern design approach to News website layouts. When designing this theme, our goal was to make it in a way that a user is able to see more news at a glance, yet they should not feel bombarded with news and we think we have been able to achieve that goal. This theme presents your content in a way that your readers can easily browse through the valuable content which you have to offer to them. We Craft each and every pixel of the element manually, which is why they look so professional.

LocalEdition theme is a responsive WordPress theme which means that it will automatically adjust for Smart Phone and Tablet users. We reached out to a specific niche audience before the release and we got great response from them.



A big thanks to our users for giving such amazing feedback and suggestions. They have been great supporters. If you have any suggestions for the future themes or a feature that should be integrated in themes, then feel free to email us on help@magazine3.com.

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One thought on “LocalEdition Theme Released – First Theme of 2015!”

  1. Hi Ahmed,

    Congrats on launching the new theme. This is absolutely beautiful. And you nailed it in your goal of showcasing more news without cluttering the design or overwhelming the user with lots of news.

    Hope this theme does well. 🙂

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