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Want to set up a news aggregator website or planning to build one? Don’t know where to start? This page will help you easily create a news aggregator site on WordPress. What is a news aggregator site? A feed reader (RSS feed) that pulls the information on a specific niche from various websites in one location for easy...

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WordPress is a fabulous CMS that is easy to use and consistently updated to ensure an advanced and highly secure platform. Its useful attributes make this free, open-source platform the most preferred choice across the globe. And, it is worth mentioning that there are superlative plugins and themes that add to its credibility,...

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Being the proud owner of a WordPress powered website/blog, you might be interested in gathering maximum number of email subscribers. Well, WordPress comes equipped with a range of plugins that can allow you to grow your email subscribers by a remarkable level, thereby encouraging you to focus on delivering top-quality content....

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WordPress is the ubiquitous choice of blogging platform or CMS worldwide, it’s pretty clear from the fact that more than half of all websites are based on WordPress! Regular updates that set the cyber sphere buzzing with excitement about new features, new WordPress Themes that can bedazzle viewers with their aesthetic...

How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

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increase website traffic without SEO

Quick note: Getting website traffic from search engines take time. If your website is brand new, you have to wait a few months to see organic traffic flowing through your blog posts. Few people are just not good at increasing their search traffic, no matter how hard they work they fail at it. So here’s… Read More

Revealed: How to Write Winning Headlines On WordPress Blog Posts

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Who else wants to write catchy headlines that make your audience immediately click on your links? Creating winning headlines is the simplest way to increase website traffic. What’s the reason, you may ask. That’s because 8 out of 10 people will read your headlines before reading your content. You can’t predict where your website visitors… Read More

How to Make Money Blogging Even If You Are A Beginner

August 2, 2014, 8:12 am — By 6 Comments
make money blogging

Making money blogging is not easy as most people say. It’s even harder to make money blogging if you are a newbie to online world. Without having any connections or loyal readership, you can’t make passive income from your websites. Here are few proven ways to make money blogging even if you are a beginner…. Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

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before starting a blog

Are you thinking to start a blog and searching for ways to make it popular from day 1? Here are few essential questions you need to ask yourself before starting a blog to make it successful. This detailed article will help you how to get started and start working towards achieving your blogging goals without… Read More

7 Blog Writing Tips that Will Hone Your Writing Skills

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blog writing tips

Creating great blog posts is an art. It doesn’t matter whether you have blogging experience or not, you need to hone your writing skills to become a successful blogger. Your blogging success is directly proportional to your writing skills. If you know how to write for online readers, your blog grows quickly, even in the… Read More

How to Write Both for Search Engines And Readers

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writing for readers and robots

Honestly, I’m not an SEO expert. But I know how to bring quality traffic from search engines to any website. Learning to write both for search engines and readers is an art. Most bloggers and web masters fail to get organic traffic because of two reasons, either they keyword stuff or don’t optimize their posts… Read More