Wallpaper: Lessons learned from Steve Jobs

What motivated me?

Steve jobs lessons

So the other day, i was watching the video ’12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki’, which i am glad i came across. Guy Kawasaki really did a great job on drilling down this experience in 12 bullet points. Some tips that he shared were already on our mind from the day one and the others which i didn’t knew but was very logical and easy to understand. I usually don’t follow this tips and stuff but while i was watching the video, i was thinking that these are really good ones and i should remember all of these. Back in my mind, i knew that i can’t remember these everyday since i have a history for forgetting thing easily. So then this idea of creating a Wallpaper of these 12 lessons came to my mind.

Wallpaper preview

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  1. DobaKung says:

    Great! And thanks for the PSD version.

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