RE: Do blog lists still have value in 2012?

NOTE: This is a response to ‘Do blog lists still have value in 2012?‘ by William Ellington on – This is a new format of sharing the view. I was going to do a large comment but then i thought of making it into a blog post and experimenting with a new thought that i came across recently. I was thinking of doing this for quite some time. Concept is similar to ‘video response’ in Youtube.

Well, i don’t know the future of lists, but one thing i know that they are getting popular each and everyday and people love them. but why is that?

Many reasons, but few that i have recognized over the last couple of years (i know for a fact because i have built a site around lists)

  1. Lists encourage content discovery
  2. Lists are fun
  3. A great list outperforms the Top 10 Google search results of a query
  4. Save users time

It is in the nature of human to look at the next thing in same genre. It is as if a stamp collector in 60′s visited a post office and looks at all the tickets and stuff. Or a Book lover take a glimpse at next book in library or the guy who is crazy about trains looks at different kind of trains and engines in train station even though he don’t know anything about it.

Humans likes to discover / learn new and interesting things. Person feels small Adrenalin rush kind of feeling when he discovers something. Similar incident happened to me. On one normal day i was browsing the web and came across this article called “Top 50 Movies of 2011″. It was a list of movies with trailers and small description of movie. I started reading the description, watching the trailers and discovered few movies that i wish i would knew about them earlier. Next thing i know is that i was on Imdb  & Wikipedia reading about those great actors who had worked in movie. I thought just 15 minutes passed but that whole thing took 2 hours. I was still happy. It didn’t felt like wasting time because it was around my interest.

I think we are yet to see pinnacle lists getting big but i think it will be very different from blogging or microblogging.

Few sites that have managed to pull the trigger on Lists.

I would be very interested to know what you really think about lists in general, so feel free to share your thoughts.


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  1. Nice post Matt. Great to see that conversation develop and evolve. I know precisely which Top 50 Movies post you’re referring to. I also checked it out and as a result bought a couple of DVDs on Amazon. That’s the conversion power of a list right there.

    On the other hand, I’ve also seen so many lists with WordPress themes doing the same old thing. Right now, there’s possible 5 or more different lists for each theme niche being published every month.

    Saturation alone will drive people to find new ways of making lists. I’m currently working on a model for a new list. I’m creating a special post template for it so that I can use it again in the future. I’ll blog about the idea behind it and share the details on how the list performs.

    • Matt Kaludi says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      At first, I was not sure if i should share that ‘Top 50 Movie list’ story. I’m glad i shared the story because i get to hear the part of your side.

      Looking forward to your lists idea. Will that be integrated in a new site or it will be a part of Wpliving?

      • It will be part of Wpliving. Basically I’m working on grouping together my content into “shows”. The list series will be one “show” so to speak. Most will be video posts (hence the name show) but a couple will be text/graphic based. That’s the plan at least.

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