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Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. It is now so huge and vast that it has actually become a verb in its own right. How often do you hear of people without waxed moustaches and fixed gear bicycles ‘Binging something’?. It’s hard to imagine the internet without this brand name. In fact the internet and Google go hand in hand. It’s not just a search engine but rather a phenomenon with a plethora of services. Here we take a look at some of them below.

There’s no denying that most people associate Google with its search engine but it also provides a more than capable email service which is a direct rival to the likes of Hotmail and Yahoo. Google Mail is constantly evolving to provide the best service it can to its users. It typically has far more storage space than its rivals which allows for much larger files to transfer in one email. Many users consider Google Mail to have a much better interface and more efficient in the reduction in spam mail. It also tends to be faster on a range of operating systems.

Google Earth

Unless you have been living under a stone for the past 5 years, you would have no doubt heard of Google Earth. This is one of the newest services from the company and along with Google Street view enables users to see images of just about anywhere in the world via satellite technology. The service is available on desktop or mobile devices and has three different versions, namely Google Earth, Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Enterprises. All versions offer a view of the world with images which wouldn’t have been so readily available before. You can be looking at clear images of your own house one minute then immediately zoom into a park on the other side of the world. It’s a great product which can help inspire children to learn more about the planet we live on. Its related service, ‘Street View’ has come under some criticism however as householders have claimed breaches of privacy. Some even blaming the company for marriage breakups!

Build with Chrome

This website combines the Lego Digital Designer with Google Maps, allowing your unlimited creations to be seen by people all around the world. Pretty cool!


Google also has the very successful ‘Google Images’ service which allows you to search on a subject or product and have the results returned back to you as clear, relevant pictures. This is great because you can see physical representations of what you need to see in an instant. People now see this as an integral part of search – but it was ground breaking when it was released.


Google is a company which listens to what the consumer wants and its translation service, ‘Google Translate’ is an impeccable linguistic tool with the ability to translate 35 different languages. Individuals and businesses have benefitted from this service without having to employ very expensive human translators.


In 2002 Google launched ‘Google News’. The site has absolutely no human intervention and is produced by computer algorithms. It’s not as comprehensive in terms of licensed news pieces like some of the other sites but instead gives bite sized headlines and thumb nailed images with reference to the original source.


Of course the list of credits would not be complete without a mention of one of Google’s most impressive creations to date. They are of course the company behind the Android operating system (and also the wildly less successful chromeOS) and in recent years, with phones utilising their platform, have seemingly closed the gap on the almighty iOS.
No other organisation provides such a comprehensive internet and telecommunication experience and it’s going from strength to strength. One can only guess what they’ll come out with next!

About The Author – Jonny works as a tech writer for Ladbrokes . He desperately wants some Google glasses so he can have a reason for looking like he’s talking to himself.

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