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Today we have Mario Schulzke for the interview with us. Mario Schulzke is the founder of IdeaMensch, a community he started to help people bring their ideas to life. Before, Mario spent 10 years managing digital strategy teams at ad agencies up and down the West Coast.

You should definitely follow Mario on Twitter @themarioblog & his blog’s twitter handle @ideamensch and also check his website IdeaMensch where he interviews entrepreneurs and other successful peoples.

Mario Schulzke

You should also checkout #IM48 is a road trip for people with ideas. Four guys, spending four months traveling across America to put on events that encourage people to bring to life their ideas.

Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview.

1. For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and business or websites that you run?

My name is Mario Schulzke and I run a community called IdeaMensch ( Our mission is to help entrepreneurs of all walks bring their idea to life. I’ve been involved with many other online projects, but right now, every waking minute is spend on IdeaMensch.

2. When and How did you got introduced to Internet?

1997 when I came to America as a high school exchange student from Germany.

3. Were you always an Entrepreneur? Tell us story of What was the motivation behind starting the website?

Not at all. I spent the first 10 years of my career running digital strategy campaigns for big companies. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but couldn’t because of my work permit. That’s probably why I started IdeaMensch. It was an outlet to be connected to entrepreneurs without being one.

4. Everybody talks about Google panda effecting their websites. Has Google panda impacted IdeaMensch?

I actually don’t worry too much about SEO trends. We publish good high quality content, and every month we seem to get more people from search engines.

5. What networking do you do that you feel helps your online business?

I interview hundreds of entrepreneurs every year. I love that I get to enter people’s life by giving them a venue to show off their idea. When networking, I always tell people to first think about what you can give the other person.

6. What’s next for you, are you working on any projects or products we should be looking forward to? Give us the behind the scenes exclusive – something you haven’t announced yet anywhere else!

Well, right now we’re on a 48-state road trip across America ( to organize an event in every state. We’ve been on the road for two months now and have another two months ahead of us. It’s a long journey. Once we get done with this, I am going to sleep for a month and then probably write a book or something.

7. If there was one thing that you wish you knew before you started IdeaMensch, what would that be?

That’s a good and hard question. I guess I’d say that I am learning something new every day and that’s probably a very positive thing. So I guess the answer is no.

8. Tell us few apps/services that you are using these days. (for example: Mailchimp, GetClicky, Buysellads, Magazine3, etc,.)

Here are some that i use, GetClicky, Mailchimp, SEOMoz by Rand Fishkin, WooThemes, WPEngine, .CO & ofcourse WordPress


You should definitely follow Mario on Twitter @themarioblog & his blog’s twitter handle @ideamensch and also check his website IdeaMensch.

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  1. Krishna says:

    Mario Schulzke is doing something great for the start up entrepreneur and it helps such novice crowd.

  2. vijay says:

    Nice Man…!!!

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