Interview with Kevin Muldoon – ProBlogger & Affiliate Marketer

Today we have Kevin Muldoon with us. I have known Kevin when he was running which got acquired by Michael Jackness for $80,000 at Flippa, read more about it at WPcandy. It was later merged into  Kevin is a Blogger and web developer who develops and maintains blogs, content websites and forums. He also write regularly for many popular blogs across the web.

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Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview.

1. For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and business or websites that you run?

My name is Kevin Muldoon. I’m a blogger and internet marketer who has been working online for around 13 years. I’ve run a lot of different blogs, forums and websites over the years. More recently, I’m known for my old blogs and and my personal blog


2. When and How did you got introduced to WordPress?

I started using blogs around 2005 or 2006. I mainly used it as a way of keeping friends updated when I was travelling. I tried a lot of different blogging scripts such as Serendipity ( and eventually I found WordPress.
Blogs were a natural progression for me as I had been using CMS’s such as PostNuke and PHPNuke for several years.


3. Why did you decide to sell

Two reasons. I wanted to work on some new projects.

I am currently travelling South America. It just wasn’t possible to work on a blog that needs updated so frequently when you are moving to a different city every few days.

I’m sure I could have maintained the blog whilst travelling as I could have outsourced a lot of the work. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to keep it and simply hired someone to manage the site.


4. Every website has a story behind it. Tell us story of What was the motivation behind starting the website?

In 2000 I started my first discussion forum. I also started doing Taekwondo. I’ve owned dozens of forums over the years so when I found out that the previous owner of was willing to sell my the domain, I jumped at the chance of getting it.


5. Has Google panda impacted WPMods? and how did u overcome?

It did affect the site at the time but not that much. All the traffic to was organic. I never did any SEO work for the site. I simply relied on word of mouth and Google indexing it properly. So traffic wasn’t greatly affected.


6. What networking do you do that you feel helps your online business?

I do use Twitter however I’ve found Google Chat and Skype to be the most useful as you can have longer conversations using them. Twitter can be quite restrictive in this respect.


7. What’s next for you, are you working on any projects or products we should be looking forward to? Give us the behind the scenes exclusive – something you haven’t announced yet anywhere else!

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any exclusives as I’m quite open about what my plans are for 2013.
I’ve been working a lot on my personal blog recently and working on growing my readership. This year, I’m also planning on releasing many books. My book ‘The Art of Freelance Blogging‘ should be out in a few weeks time.
My previous book ‘The Traits & Habits of Successful Bloggers‘ was released via Amazon. I’ve also released it for free to my newsletter subscribers in order to try and grow my list (

Once I stop travelling and return to Scotland in the Summer, I hope to work on premium products within the internet marketing niche. However, I will be mainly focusing on writing over the next 6 months in order to raise my profile as a writer.


8. If there was one thing that you wish you knew before you started the site, what would that be?

To build my email list from the start. I could have a large readership if I started my personal blog many years ago and started growing my list.


9.  Where do you see WordPress Five years from now.

I believe it will have grown in popularity and be used by a larger percentage of web developers online.
It will be similar to how it is just now but will be much quicker, efficient and better designed than it is now. The possibilities for WordPress are endless.


10. Tell us few apps/services that you are using these days. (for example: Mailchimp, GetClicky, Buysellads, Magazine3, etc,.)

Aweber for delivering my newsletter. WordPress for designing websites. Warrior Forum for networking. Amazon for learning (I read a few books a week). Gravity Forms for contact forms. You can read more about the resources I use at

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