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Today we have Jane Sheeba with us. Jane started blogging in 2005. I came to know about her recently from her blog which has been a great inspiration for many bloggers and marketers.

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Let’s learn from her experience and start the interview.  

1. For the people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and business or websites that you run?

Hi, my name is Jane Sheeba. I currently blog part time and work as a Young Scientist on a project related to brain functions. I run about 17 blogs and a few other niche sites.

My business is based mainly based on the income from my services (blog consultation, Thesis theme customization/design), affiliate commissions, and my own product sales.


2. When and How did you introduced to WordPress?

This is somewhat funny but a crucial story that made a turning point in my blogging path. I blogged for about 2 years on platform (I had 2 blogs) and woke up one morning to find that my blogs were deleted. All my attempts to retrive the content of the blog failed.

Those blogs were started by me to cope with my loneliness when I was in the UK for my Ph. D (first time away from home since I was born!). They didn’t have any particular focus and I was publishing on every topic under the sun – just sharing everything that interested me.

But by then, I came to know about the potential of this platform. So I chose to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.


3. Every website has a story behind it. Tell us story of What was the motivation behind starting the website?

In continuation with the answer to your previous question, I started a blog called “Find All Answers” that covered three topics – blogging, self improvement and relationships. The blog went well, but I couldn’t cope to meet the expectations of audience from the three niches.

So I split Find All Answers to 4 blogs – Problogging Success, Jane Sheeba, Merry Relationships and Diet Fitness Deck.

I started concentrating and developing Problogging Success very much because it is a niche that is close to my heart. And I also find newbie and aspiring bloggers who can achieve success faster with proper guidance.


4. Has Google panda impacted and how did u overcome?

Yes, one of my sites got totally washed off from the search results. I could do nothing about that but had bid good bye and started a new site for it. I took some selected content off that site and used for my new site. Luckily the hit site was only two months old and I didn’t bother.

Another older site of mine had some fall in the rankings; but I managed to get it back on track with some in-depth high quality content and doing some guest posting.


5. What networking do you do that you feel helps your online business?

I love to network and this helps my business a lot. My #1 networking platform is social media. But don’t mistake – I don’t stay there all day. For me Facebook works great. And, I also hang out on niche specific platforms, in my case like, Blokube, Bizsugar etc.

I also consider guest blogging and blog commenting as great networking tools. I pick up a handful of great connections every time I do a guest post.


6. What’s next for you, are you working on any projects or products we should be looking forward to? Give us the behind the scenes exclusive – something you haven’t announced yet anywhere else!

Oh yes – publishing Kindle ebooks. I haven’t announced my intention on making a rocking on Kindle anywhere else, yet :) I’m doing some background learning and researching and will come up with great stuff in a few months!


7. If there was one thing that you wish you knew before you started the site, what would that be?

Blogging is not get rich quick! Blogging has a true potential and its far beyond “just” making money. That’s two things :)


8. Where do you see WordPress Five years from now.

Wordpress is already ruling the blogosphere and with every update they come up with excellent features. Bloggers can’t live without WordPress, and it won’t be a surprise if WordPress decides to charge people for using it (in any form – say to use its basic features or to gain access to a set of advanced features)!


9. Tell us few apps/services that you are using these days. (for example: Mailchimp, GetClicky, Buysellads, Magazine3, etc,.)

I use the following tools almost everyday: Rainlendar, Evernote, Aweber and GetResponse, Google Analytics, Thesis and Genesis, Market Samurai, Cute Rank, Long Tail Pro, WriteMonkey. I’m sure I missed some more :)

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  1. FERNANDO says:

    Great Interview guys. Like the third point “Every website has a story”

    Thanks for the share Matt. Looking forward to explore more on this blog. I see some great interviews some interesting people I know.

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    She created a Nice Blog for Bloggers…!!!
    She is inspiring to all the bloggers especially for women bloggers…

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    Jane Sheeba is great blogger to help newbie bloggers.
    Thanks for Interviw

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    Jane Sheeba seems to be a great blogger, she inspired me alot. Its good to know about her :)

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    Nice interview may be some time I will get the chance to be interviewed here on your blog! Thumbs up to jane sheeba she is a great blogger and teaches people the best blogging tips

  6. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Jane Sheeba is an influential blogger and it is an honor to see her work online. Her tips and suggestions worth a lot when it comes to blogging and making money online.

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