Starting Your First Business? How to Deal with Fear and Jump In

- Guest post by Eliza Morgan

Anyone who has started a business for the first time will tell you that there is no guarantee it will succeed. Your first business may very well fail, as could your second and third. In fact, almost every successful entrepreneur in history has gone through a long string of failures until they got it just right and hit success. Every single person with a goal or a dream experiences the fear of getting started. Sometimes just taking that first step toward a goal is the most difficult part. Although fear can take a strong hold over your ambitions, breaking through can often be as easy as simply taking small steps forward. If you are about to launch a new venture, there are certain things you can do to change the way you understand fear and make sure that it doesn’t keep you from accomplishing your dreams.

Be clear about your goals.

One of the easiest ways to stagnate along the road to success is not being clear with yourself about what you want. When you have a million different goals running through your mind, it’s difficult to focus on the path to get there. Instead, figure out exactly what you want to accomplish with your business long term. Then, think about what you need to do right now to build a foundation for that success. You will then be able to carve out tiny, achievable goals that can be met on a daily basis.

Know that fear is normal.

Fear is a normal part of expanding and growing. Anytime you do something new or something that you care about, fear will likely come along with it. If you didn’t care at all about the outcome, you would have no need to be afraid. And, this is a very normal reaction for most of the population. Instead of thinking that you are the only one who is afraid to put yourself out there, remember that everyone who has ever done anything important has gone through the same emotion.

Recognize fear as positive.

Fear is really a reminder that you are doing something that you care about. As said earlier, if you weren’t invested in the situation, there would be nothing to be fearful about. Anytime you feel fear cropping up about your business plans, simply write it off as a signal that you are on the right path and move on. Don’t dwell on the fear, or take it as a sign that you should stop trying, because no positive conclusion can come from that.

Work like there’s no tomorrow.

As soon as you have set your business goals, it’s time to get to work. In fact, the more active you remain, the easier it is to stay positive about your potential for success and to not let fear get to you. The more time you have on your hands, the easier it is to slip into a fearful state, so make sure to stay busy. If you start to feel worried, simply check something off your to-do list, and the feeling will soon pass.

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