How to embed Youtube video in WordPress site

Let’s face it, Youtube has became this TV thing for Internet . Youtube is the bigger than ever and it is the only site that i use more than other.
There are millions of people who don’t know Html embeds but they want to Youtube videos in their WordPress sites. Here are some best WordPress plugins that will allow you to embed Youtube videos quickly.

WordPress plugins to add embed Youtube videos

Smart YouTube PRO

Smart Youtube is a professional WordPress Video plugin that allows you to easily insert videos/playlists into your post, comments and in your RSS feed

Smart Youtube is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with more than 1,000,000 downloads to date.

From version 4.0 Smart Youtube changed the name to Smart Youtube PRO and now also supports playback of Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak and Facebook high quality videos, works on iPhone & iPad, produces xHTML valid code (unlike YouTube embed code), allows you to view videos in fullscreen, has video thumbnails support, has robust widget support and much more.



Display videos from various online sources (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, etc) in one single player, 27 different skins, playlist system, rating system, etc.

Places online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Youku, Dailymotion, etc..) into your post by using JW FLV Player. 10,000 downloads in first 2 months, and still counting! Here are couple nice features: 27 different Skins, Custom Playlists, Youtube Playlists, Video Ratings, Audio Visualizer, Displaying Watermarks, and much more..


WP YouTube Lyte

High performance YouTube video, playlist and audio-only embeds which don’t slow down your blog and offer optimal accessibility.

WP YouTube Lyte allows you to “lazy load” your video’s, by inserting “Lite YouTube Embeds”. These look and feel like normal embedded YouTube, but only call the actual “fat” Flash or HTML5-player when clicked on, thereby reducing download size & rendering time substantially when embedding YouTube occasionally and improving page performance dramatically when you’ve got multiple YouTube video’s on one and the same page.


Artiss YouTube Embed

A simple to use method of embedding YouTube videos into your posts and pages but with powerful features for those that need them.

Artiss YouTube Embed (formally YouTube Embed) is an incredibly simple, yet powerful, method of embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress site. Options include:

  • XHTML and HTML5 compliant – works with all the latest browsers
  • Multiple embedding methods available – OBJECT, IFRAME, CHROMELESS and EmbedPlus
  • Dynamic video sizing for responsive sites
  • Allow users to add videos to comments
  • Build your own playlists and play them back however you want
  • Automatically generate playlists based on user name or search text
  • Create multiple profiles – use them for different videos to get the exact style that you want
  • Google compatible metadata is added to the video output – great for SEO!
  • Code is cached for maximum performance
  • Using a different YouTube plugin? Documentation and tools are provided to help you migrate to Artiss YouTube Embed
  • Fully internationalized ready for translations. If you would like to add a translation to his plugin then please contact me
  • And much, much more!



Displays gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo videos and galleries in your site. Please visit for more info!


WordPress Video Plugin

A filter for WordPress that displays videos from many video services.


Advanced YouTube Embed by EmbedPlus

YouTube embeds enhanced for WordPress. This plugin’s smart features enhance the playback and engagement of YouTube videos you embed in your blogs

Enhance the videos you embed in your WordPress blog using this feature-rich and smart YouTube plugin. It not only provides the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, and video reactions beyond comments (e.g., Google+ and Reddit). Use it to automatically enhance the viewer experience and engagement around the YouTube videos you embed, for free.


YouTube White Label Shortcode

A simple shortcode to embed white label YouTube videos using the latest iframe HTML5 embed.

This plugin adds the shortcode [youtube-white-label] and allows you to input any YouTube™ video (that allows embeding outsite the YouTube™ domain) with control over the logo, player, autostart and more.

A shortcode generator has been added to all public $post_type edit screens. You can modify the options in the included metabox and it will output the correct shortcode arguments.


How to embed Youtube Video manually or without plugin?

Here are some articles that will help you understand it.

How to add Youtube video to a WordPress post — The EASY way by Allan Cole

Excerpt from the article: One of my clients recently asked me how they could add a Youtube video to their blog post. I thought that the correct way to do this was common WordPress knowledge, so I figured I could point them to an easy to find Youtube video with instructions on how to do this…

View Tutorial

Problems embedding Youtube videos in WordPress etc? by Dan Thornton

Excerpt from the article: It appears that for a lot of videos, the old embed code isn’t appearing any more. The reason for this is that if videos are enabled for 3D when they are uploaded, then the old embed code doesn’t work. If you’re looking to embed a video which you have uploaded to Youtube, then the solution is to disable the 3D option. Sometimes the old embed code doesn’t appear straight away, but it seems that if you disable embedding, then re-enable, Youtube will then pick up on the change and the option will appear….

View Tutorial

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  1. Dan Thornton says:

    Thanks for the mention – good collection of tools and tips on embedding videos! I also had a look at the Magazine3 themes, and there’s some great designs in there… I don’t suppose you’d ever looked at creating any themes compatible with Jigoshop eCommerce? I should disclose I work with them on the marketing side, and it’d be great to see a Magazine3 theme for it in the future…

    • Matt Kaludi says:

      Thanks Dan,

      I’m glad you like it.

      We are not focused on eCommerce themes at all but if you have any special suggestions (with or without examples) then please email me on – Would love to discuss that.

  2. G.S. Williams says:

    Would you consider actually comparing them? I can get the same thing above by searching the plugin repository. A comparison of some and picking a couple that really do something special would make for a more useful article.

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  4. Adam says:

    If you won’t bother much about the size of the video, you can just copy the YouTube URL link and just place it on editor. That’s it. It is as simple as ABC. :)

  5. Rob says:

    Nice article. I’m using a 27″ iMac and want to create videos for Youtube. I’m considering recording them at the highest size I can (1920px x 1080px) then either exporting them at this size or reducing them by 50% to 1280px x 720px for smaller files sizes, though both settings will give HD quality. I’ll then upload them to my Youtube account and embed them into my webpages. The quality needs to be high as they will be tutorial style videos and some of my viewers might want to view them at full screen size. My only concern is once embedded into my webpages and how they will affect the pageload speed – WP Youtube lyte sounds like a good plugin. Which plugin from your list do you recommend?

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