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How to embed Youtube video in WordPress site

Let’s face it, Youtube has became this TV thing for Internet . Youtube is the bigger than ever and it is the only site that i use more than other.
There are millions of people who don’t know Html embeds but they want to Youtube videos in their WordPress sites. Here are some best WordPress plugins that will allow you to embed Youtube videos quickly. Continue reading…

How to add HTML5 Video Player in a WordPress Website

Why use HTML5 Video Player?

Html5 video player seems like a better alternative than Flash player. Here is an excerpt from the people who know about the topic:

HTML5 is a set of web standards being developed by the “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group”

The HTML5 standard includes many new features for more dynamic web applications and interfaces. One such component being specified and implemented is the <video> element. Continue reading…

How to use Google fonts in a WordPress Website

What is Google Fonts?

Wait, Google fonts? another Google product? this is what you might be thinking if you haven’t heard about Google Web fonts. Google fonts is one of my favourite service that i have been using for more than a year. Google Fonts allows you to add & use fonts into website and make your site beautiful without any hassle of hosting the font, licencing the font, etc.

Let’s see what Google font’s official about page says:

Google Web Fonts makes it quick and easy for e Continue reading…

How to add Lightbox functionality to WordPress site

What is Lightbox?

Lightbox provides great functionality to the websites. But why should i write on lightbox when we already Wikipedia article about it, here is the important part from that article:

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to display large images using modal dialogs. The effect has gained widespread popularity due to its simple yet elegant style and Continue reading…

Pinterest WordPress plugins – Useful for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a new social networking site that is very hyped. Users are loving the Pinterest ui and functionality. Eventhough i don’t use pinterest, i still like the idea behind it. Blogs have started to integrate Pinterest to their blog. Here is the list of some popular Pinterest plugins for WordPress that would be a great addition to your blog. Continue reading…