Starting Your First Business? How to Deal with Fear and Jump In

- Guest post by Eliza Morgan

Anyone who has started a business for the first time will tell you that there is no guarantee it will succeed. Your first business may very well fail, as could your second and third. In fact, almost every successful entrepreneur in history has gone through a long string of failures until they got it just right and hit success. Every single person with a goal or a dream experiences the fear of getting started. Sometimes just taking that first step toward Continue reading…

Matt Mullenweg interview on PandoMonthly

Blogger & Internet Journalist Sarah Lacy interviewed Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress & Automattic. I recently found out about PandoMonthly. I am going to track upcoming interviews on Pando Monthly after watching this great interview. Sarah Lacy did a good job as an interviewer. Checkout the video below.

Wallpaper: Lessons learned from Steve Jobs

What motivated me?

Steve jobs lessons

So the other day, i was watching the video ’12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki’, which i am glad i came across. Guy Kawasaki really did a great job on drilling down this experience in 12 bullet points. Some tips that he shared were already on our mind from the day one and the others which i didn’t knew but was very logical and easy to understand. I usually don’t follow this tips and stuff but while i was watching the video, i was thinking that these are really good ones and i should remember all Continue reading…