Stuff you should know before you register a domain name or your first domain.

Registering a domain is easy. You usually just go through your web host. You buy the domain from them at whatever price they set and it becomes yours. If you want it to be used for a site, you have it pointed at a server. There is really no need for instructions where simply registering a domain name is being discussed. You need to have a good strategy for buying them, however, and some WordPress hosts will make this easier than others.

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How WPHub is winning over the competition in Google search results? – Founder Michael Jackness reveals!

Last week we interviewed Michael Jackness founder of & Terran Marketing. We got a great opportunity to learn from his experience.  Mike shared amazing tips with us in that interview. Here is an excerpt from that interview that i am posting below:

In the case of I’ve never needed to purchase any links because there is so much high quality content on the site. It’s in an industry where it’s Continue reading…

What Makes a Blog Template Stand Out – The Best Of The Best

When I first started blogging, I felt like I was on an epic quest to find the perfect WordPress template that would make my blog stand out from amongst the rest. Yet for whatever reason, I could never make up my mind about which template really fit in with my blog. One week I’d be in love with one and the next week I’d be ready to switch it out for another. However, as the years have gone by and designers and bloggers have become much more visually and graphically savvy, I’ve seen blog templates vastly improve in their beauty, craftsmanship, creativity, and clarity. I no longer feel the need to switch my templates out from week to week anymore; in fact, it’s become much harder to part with the ones I’ve grown to adore – all thanks to the artistry of template designers.

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Picking a WordPress Theme that Works Well on Smartphones

So you have decided to set up a blog and start raking in fortunes by sharing your thoughts with the world. WordPress is a great place to start if you are new to the world of blogging – it doesn’t require any technical expertise and is quick and simple to set up and begin blogging.

Wordpress is heavily customisable too, allowing you to radically alter the look and feel of your blog, and add personal touches, simply by installing different themes. The fact that you are on this website probably means you already know all this.

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RE: Do blog lists still have value in 2012?

NOTE: This is a response to ‘Do blog lists still have value in 2012?‘ by William Ellington on – This is a new format of sharing the view. I was going to do a large comment but then i thought of making it into a blog post and experimenting with a new thought that i came across recently. I was thinking of doing this for quite some time. Concept is similar to ‘video response’ in Youtube.

Well, i don’t know the future of lists, but one thing i know that they are getting popular each and everyday and people love them. but why is that?

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Free Website Analytics Tools

Web analytics is the most important part of your website’s life. Most people makes mistake of using wrong tools, Webmasters ignore the power of understanding the analytics and that result in low traffic or poor sales figures. One needs a solid website tracking software in-order to have control on their website growth. We are using Google Analytics and Piwik to track Continue reading…