Why Your Business Needs to Be Considering Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is vital to any modern business; and it is a costly mistake if yours is failing to take advantage of it. With the number of smartphone and tablet users increasing daily, the market is expanding fast, and there are countless ways that business owners can increase their revenue by staying ahead of the curve. The simple fact is that more and more people are browsing, searching, and buying directly from their mobile devices, and this is creating opportunities for increased sales and exposure.

Numbers Talk

If you want evidence of the rapid growth of mobile technology, take a look at some of stats and estimates being generated by market researchers.

  • NetMarketShare.com, a site specializing in usage share statistics for internet technologies, shows that mobile devices accounted for 7.76% of all web use last month––a number that has risen steadily from 5.5% since July of last year.
  • Another estimate places online sales generated from mobile browering up 254% from a year ago.
  • MarketLand.com reports that 69% of all US cell phone users access the internet daily from their mobile devices
  • Apple, Inc. reported 35.1 million iPhone sales during the March 2012 fiscal quarter.
  • And in an article published last September, Dailytech.com estimates that by 2015 Internet access established via mobile devices (including tablets) will surpass that of PC and wireline services.

How to Capitalize

Clearly, mobile Internet usage is on the rise. But that information is meaningless to business owners unless they can also find ways to translate this technological trend into income. There are several ways to do so, all of which require minimal investment.

  • First, optimize your site for mobile browsing. If your dot com looks good, loads fast, and is easily navigable from a cell phone or tablet, you’ll be automatically strengthening your company’s professional image and increasing your exposure to potential customers. You’ll also get visitors to stay on your site longer and navigate to more links, all of which is invaluable from an advertising perspective.
  • Prominently display your phone number, address, and email on your main page. Most smartphones these days will be able to call, get directions, or begin composing an email with the touch of a button.
  • Create a mobile-compatible sales page. Needless to say, when your customers can place orders and make reservations directly from their mobile devices, you have made a huge step toward capitalizing on those spontaneous, convenience-based sales.

The key to smart business is to tailor your marketing and sales strategies toward the future––to ensure that you are ready take advantage of opportunities when they arrive. So while it is a relatively minor change to adapt your business to mobile technology, it is an important one. And who knows, it could be just the boost your business needs.

About The Author – Jonny Devine is interested in making best use of technology to assist businesses with their marketing. He currently works with Ladbrokes.

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