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Picking a WordPress Theme that Works Well on Smartphones

So you have decided to set up a blog and start raking in fortunes by sharing your thoughts with the world. WordPress is a great place to start if you are new to the world of blogging – it doesn’t require any technical expertise and is quick and simple to set up and begin blogging.

Wordpress is heavily customisable too, allowing you to radically alter the look and feel of your blog, and add personal touches, simply by installing different themes. The fact that you are on this website probably means you already know all this.

But what things should you consider when picking a WordPress theme? Continue reading…

Interview with Pradeep Kumar of HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

I’m planning to take interviews of entrepreneur & bloggers when ever i get time and publish them on this blog. I think its a great way to learn about the people you are watching everyday or at least few times a month on web.

Today we have Pradeep Kumar with us. Pradeep runs a successful blog HellBound Bloggers (HBB) and a blog network called Slashsquare. Continue reading…

How to add Lightbox functionality to WordPress site

What is Lightbox?

Lightbox provides great functionality to the websites. But why should i write on lightbox when we already Wikipedia article about it, here is the important part from that article:

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to display large images using modal dialogs. The effect has gained widespread popularity due to its simple yet elegant style and Continue reading…

Not just for Search

Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. It is now so huge and vast that it has actually become a verb in its own right. How often do you hear of people without waxed moustaches and fixed gear bicycles ‘Binging something’?. It’s hard to imagine the internet without this brand name. In fact the internet and Google go hand in hand. It’s not just a search engine but rather a phenomenon with a plethora of services. Here we take a look at some of them below. Continue reading…

Why Your Business Needs to Be Considering Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is vital to any modern business; and it is a costly mistake if yours is failing to take advantage of it. With the number of smartphone and tablet users increasing daily, the market is expanding fast, and there are countless ways that business owners can increase their revenue by staying ahead of the curve. The simple fact is that more and more people are browsing, searching, and buying directly from their mobile devices, and this is creating opportunities for increased sales and exposure.

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RE: Do blog lists still have value in 2012?

NOTE: This is a response to ‘Do blog lists still have value in 2012?‘ by William Ellington on – This is a new format of sharing the view. I was going to do a large comment but then i thought of making it into a blog post and experimenting with a new thought that i came across recently. I was thinking of doing this for quite some time. Concept is similar to ‘video response’ in Youtube.

Well, i don’t know the future of lists, but one thing i know that they are getting popular each and everyday and people love them. but why is that?

Many reasons, but few that i have recognized over the last couple of years (i know for a fact because i have built a site around lists) Continue reading…

Pinterest WordPress plugins – Useful for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a new social networking site that is very hyped. Users are loving the Pinterest ui and functionality. Eventhough i don’t use pinterest, i still like the idea behind it. Blogs have started to integrate Pinterest to their blog. Here is the list of some popular Pinterest plugins for WordPress that would be a great addition to your blog. Continue reading…

Matt Mullenweg interview on PandoMonthly

Blogger & Internet Journalist Sarah Lacy interviewed Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress & Automattic. I recently found out about PandoMonthly. I am going to track upcoming interviews on Pando Monthly after watching this great interview. Sarah Lacy did a good job as an interviewer. Checkout the video below.

Magazine3 Visitors analytics April 2012

We have decided to post browser share and other interesting data for geeks every month.  See which browser does Magazine3 visitors uses, what OS they have, etc,. Continue reading…

Free Website Analytics Tools

Web analytics is the most important part of your website’s life. Most people makes mistake of using wrong tools, Webmasters ignore the power of understanding the analytics and that result in low traffic or poor sales figures. One needs a solid website tracking software in-order to have control on their website growth. We are using Google Analytics and Piwik to track Continue reading…