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How to embed Youtube video in WordPress site

Let’s face it, Youtube has became this TV thing for Internet . Youtube is the bigger than ever and it is the only site that i use more than other.
There are millions of people who don’t know Html embeds but they want to Youtube videos in their WordPress sites. Here are some best WordPress plugins that will allow you to embed Youtube videos quickly. Continue reading…

Interview with Harsh Agrawal – Founder of ShoutMeLoud

Today we have Harsh Agrawal with us.  Harsh Agrawal is a ProBlogger & Entrepreneur. Harsh runs a very successful blog ShoutMeLoud which made him into one of the India’s leading blogger. ShoutMeLoud covers topics likes SEO, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, making money online and general tips to help bloggers. You should also checkout Harsh Agrawal’s personal website DenHarsh and follow him on Twitter @denharsh.

Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview. Continue reading…

How to add HTML5 Video Player in a WordPress Website

Why use HTML5 Video Player?

Html5 video player seems like a better alternative than Flash player. Here is an excerpt from the people who know about the topic:

HTML5 is a set of web standards being developed by the “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group”

The HTML5 standard includes many new features for more dynamic web applications and interfaces. One such component being specified and implemented is the <video> element. Continue reading…

How WPHub is winning over the competition in Google search results? – Founder Michael Jackness reveals!

Last week we interviewed Michael Jackness founder of & Terran Marketing. We got a great opportunity to learn from his experience.  Mike shared amazing tips with us in that interview. Here is an excerpt from that interview that i am posting below:

In the case of I’ve never needed to purchase any links because there is so much high quality content on the site. It’s in an industry where it’s Continue reading…

How to use Google fonts in a WordPress Website

What is Google Fonts?

Wait, Google fonts? another Google product? this is what you might be thinking if you haven’t heard about Google Web fonts. Google fonts is one of my favourite service that i have been using for more than a year. Google Fonts allows you to add & use fonts into website and make your site beautiful without any hassle of hosting the font, licencing the font, etc.

Let’s see what Google font’s official about page says:

Google Web Fonts makes it quick and easy for e Continue reading…

Interview with Michael Jackness – Founder of

Today we have Michael Jackness with us. Michael runs a popular WordPress resource website that has the best premium WordPress themes, plugins, WordPress tutorials, etc.  It’s been more than one year that i am in touch with Michael. Interviewing Michael was a great learning experience. Michael Jackness is also the President & CEO of Terran Marketing. You can also follow him on Twitter @mjackness

Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview. Continue reading…

What Makes a Blog Template Stand Out – The Best Of The Best

When I first started blogging, I felt like I was on an epic quest to find the perfect WordPress template that would make my blog stand out from amongst the rest. Yet for whatever reason, I could never make up my mind about which template really fit in with my blog. One week I’d be in love with one and the next week I’d be ready to switch it out for another. However, as the years have gone by and designers and bloggers have become much more visually and graphically savvy, I’ve seen blog templates vastly improve in their beauty, craftsmanship, creativity, and clarity. I no longer feel the need to switch my templates out from week to week anymore; in fact, it’s become much harder to part with the ones I’ve grown to adore – all thanks to the artistry of template designers.

Believe it or not, there are a number of factors Continue reading…

Picking a WordPress Theme that Works Well on Smartphones

So you have decided to set up a blog and start raking in fortunes by sharing your thoughts with the world. WordPress is a great place to start if you are new to the world of blogging – it doesn’t require any technical expertise and is quick and simple to set up and begin blogging.

Wordpress is heavily customisable too, allowing you to radically alter the look and feel of your blog, and add personal touches, simply by installing different themes. The fact that you are on this website probably means you already know all this.

But what things should you consider when picking a WordPress theme? Continue reading…

Interview with Pradeep Kumar of HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

I’m planning to take interviews of entrepreneur & bloggers when ever i get time and publish them on this blog. I think its a great way to learn about the people you are watching everyday or at least few times a month on web.

Today we have Pradeep Kumar with us. Pradeep runs a successful blog HellBound Bloggers (HBB) and a blog network called Slashsquare. Continue reading…