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TopGadget theme updated to version 1.3

What has been updated in this theme:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Comments issue in responsive fixed.
  • Removed old Twitter widget.
  • Option Panel width issue fixed.
  • Shortcode and css visible in homepage.
  • Rating star table was getting disabled when turning off the meta sidebar.
  • Translation bugs fixed.
  • Background bug fixed.
  • Post view counter was not updating when meta sidebar was turned off.
  • Text changed form “Metadeta” to “Meta Sidebar” in Theme option panel.
  • Single Sidebar was removed.

Changes have been made in following files:

  • responsive.css
  • w.php
  • admin.css
  • style.css

  • index.php

  • header.php
  • featured.php
  • mm.php
  • sidebar-single.php (removed)
  • content-single.php

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  1. Hi, I have installed this theme on my blog and I love how it looks but there are some performance issues. The theme is not optimized properly to run faster. When I analyzed it on google page speed tool it shows the following issues.

    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    Prioritize visible content

    Leverage browser caching

    Optimize images

    Minify CSS

    Minify JavaScript

    Reduce server response time

    Minify HTML

    In order for the theme to load faster these issues need to be fixed. If you can at least resolved the first two issues in the next update, it will be great.

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