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NewspaperTimes has been updated to Version 4.3

Following changes has been made in Version 4.3:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Few W3c errors were solved.
  • Featured Image Not Showing When Shared on Facebook.

Features Added:

  • Added WooCommerce support. For the people who are unaware of WooCommerce, it is the most popular and free WordPress eCommerce plugin.
  • Instagram icon added.
  • Google Plus icon added.

Changes have been made in following files:

  • newspapertimes-codebase/handheld.css
  • newspapertimes-codebase/header.php
  • newspapertimes-codebase/index.php
  • newspapertimes-codebase/style.css

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  1. oquocharlz says:

    Hi Ahmed,

    How does one install this update?


    • Ahmed Kaludi (Matt) says:

      Hi Charlz,

      You can update it from the WordPress Updates area, This image will help you locate WordPress Updates area http://imgur.com/J3NdTr6

      You can directly visit that page at website.com/wp-admin/update-core.php

      Hope it helps,


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