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Ahmed Kaludi
Co-founder & Chief Executing officer (CEO)

I am a jack of all trades, but master of some. I started off as a developer, but after a few years into it, I slowly parted myself from coding because I realized that I am much better with front end design and user interference but I can still code efficiently.

Personally, my hobbies are Health / Fitness and photography, though I have not been able to find time for any of it. For the last five years, we have worked hard through sweat, blood and tears to survive as a startup.
Mohammed Kaludi
Co-founder & Chief Operating officer (COO)
Mohammed is the co-founder of Magazine3. He started off as a hardware professional, but later got excited by web development and programming. He is a straight up sports addict and has good knowledge of almost any popular sport.
Lawrence Adam
Wordpress Developer
Howdy! I'm Lawrence a self-taught WordPress developer switching from .NET community some 4 years and I never turned back. I love problem solving and helping people, so you probably found me on the helpdesk. :) I am an athletic, who surfs net. :p Apart from smashing the keyboard you can found me on reading anything related to Physics, Anatomy or watching movies.
Abhi Reddy Musku
WordPress Developer
HEYO! This is Abhi, Lazy Electrical Engineering Student (Just gave up my final year exams, Don't know will they cross the border or not) by day and Enthusiastic Programmer by Night. You can easily find me in the HelpDesk, Sales Support, E-mail Support (Everywhere help is needed...:p). I'm a Cancer Guy, Tech Freak, Movie Freak, Bale's Fan and wait I'm also a 10% Short Term patient :p.
Syed Mushtaq
I have many years of experience in desktop and network support. Have changed my career path, now I have started working as web developer. I like watching Cricket, Tennis and love reading on any topic.

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