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Ideas - New Theme Ideas

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Membership/Subscription Protected content

Either a MODULE ADD ON ( PLUGIN) or better yet, a them specially designed and coded to allow paid membership to view certain areas of the website- like all major online newspapers and magazines have currently- add drip feed to this and you will have…

Stephen Brecht 0 Added 7 years ago
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A directory theme

A Chamber of Commerce or any Association has a magazine format website- but also have members- who would love to have a member Directory for the magazine, where there business could be listed.

Stephen Brecht 0 Added 7 years ago
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Debate Friendly Theme

Many people look for themes that involve dynamic commenting. I think debating websites are trending upwards. i.e. a post, then there are for and against columns under the post comments. A theme that highlights this feature would be awesome.

Leo Choi 2 Added 7 years ago