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add these features for the next GamingZone Update

All new computers, tablets and smartphones are already equipped with high-resolution screens. This is why GamingZone should be retina compatible. If Im visiting my homepage with my retina MacBook Pro I always get upset by watching at all these unsharp icons and renderings.

As the name of the theme suggests, GamingZone is primarily created for Game related homepages. The main work of this kind of homepages is to write reviews about games. So there should be widgets and a custom portfolio which displays all reviews in a smart and beautiful way (example: http://de.ign.com/article/review)

Also the code should be optimized for Google PageSpeed (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/) and Validome (http://www.validome.org)!

PSVsource 0 Added 7 years ago

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