How to install a Magazine3 Theme

We have tutorial in text format and a video format (at the end of this article). So feel free to follow the one that makes you comfortable.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial in written steps

1. First you will need to download the theme. For that, go to members area and click on the ‘Download’ next to the theme name that you have just purchased.

2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the zip file that you just downloaded. (If you don’t know how to unzip the files, then go to this link for the info.) After extracting the zip file, you will notice two more zip files like below image.theme-codebase-img

3. Go to your WordPress dashboard, then Navigate to ‘Appearance’ menu and click on ‘Add New’ and then click ‘Upload’. Upload both of these zip files one by one.

4. After you upload both of the zip files, Go to Apperance > and Themes and notice that you have two new themes in it. The one with an image and the name of the theme that you just purchased and another will be a ‘Codebase’ folder. For example, if the theme is theHealth then it will display something like below image.


Activate the theme that has the theme name and the image in it. Don’t activate the Codebase theme because it is just theme core files and it is supposed to be in backend.

5. After you activate your WordPress theme, Visit your website url and you will notice a ‘License key’ activation page.


Enter the license key that you received in the email which you received after finishing the purchase. or You can also go to to get your license key. After you have the key, just enter it and click ‘Activate’.

6. Theme installation process is done.