If only all customer service reps were like Cpt. Mike from Netflix

by Matt Kaludi | Sunday, Oct 13, 2013 | 1437 views

Arrested-Development Netflix

I always feel a deep sigh building inside when I realize I’m going to have to contact a customer service rep.

Will they reply straight away? Will they appreciate my problem? Will they offer some formulaic response? Will they be a machine? Or will they pretend they’re Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix?

The issue — at least for me — arose this week on hearing of two enlightened customer service approaches from tech companies and experiencing one that was a little darker.

Rockstar Games, the charming people who wear shades and carry assault rifles — oh, and produce Grand Theft Auto — decided to accept responsibility for annoying glitches on the online version of GTA V.

So they offered each of its online players $500,000. This might seem very generous, save for the fact that it was paid not even in Bitcoin, but in in-game currency.

Then there was the story of a wonderful Netflix customer service rep. This one, as VentureBeat reported, thought it best, on hearing from a customer, to introduce himself as “Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix.”

His customer thought this charming. So, on being asked his name, he said it was “Lt. Norm.”

What followed was a conversation in which two people who didn’t know each other solved a problem and actually enjoyed doing it. (The full conversation is below.)

So much so, that Captain Mike asked Lt. Norm to fill in a one-question survey. The question was: “Were you satisfied with your Netflix experience?” (I have a feeling he knew the answer.)


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