FiLIP smartwatch combines child-tracking with restricted cellphone capabilties

by Matt Kaludi | Sunday, Oct 13, 2013 | 1583 views

FiLIP smartwatchAccording to the report the device is expected to release on 4th september. With the help of the device you will be able to surf the internet, access e-mails and make phone calls.

It is expected that the Galaxy Gear will be announced alongside the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3 at an event in Berlin. So, far it seems that the Gear will act as a companion device rather than a fully-fledged replacement for phones; a decision that might be especially beneficial for phablet owners.

Despite of the current vogue of smartwatches it’s still not certain tht the device will be a success. Industry analysts Canalys are predicting that the sales of the device will shoots up from 3,30,000 currently to five million in 2014.  Children have a remarkable ability to vanish the second your back is turned, so a watch that not only tells your child the time, but also acts as a locatorand heavily controlled cellphone has its attractions. With this in mind, AT&T and Filip Technologies have entered into an agreement that allows the telecommunications giant to bring the FilLIP child locator smartwatch to the US market in the coming months. According to the deal, AT&T will act as the exclusive network provider for the device as well as controlling distribution and billing.

Bloomberg are similarly predicting that,” the global watch industry will generate $60 billion in sales” and pointing out that a successful smartwatch that tied into a ‘hardware ecosystem’ could lock customer to a specific platform.

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