Watch: Exclusive 30-Second Sneak Peek Of Rihanna's Sexy New 'Hard' Video

Watch Exclusive 30 Second Sneak Peek Of Rihanna s Sexy New Hard Video

Rihanna did promise that her new music video for “Hard,” her third single from Rated R, was going to be edgy, extreme and boast a “couture military” vibe and she wasn’t lying. Just take a look at these stark pics from her new video that definitely sport an army chic aesthetic and define her as a sexy rebel. Directed by Melina (clips for Robin Thicke, Lily Allen, Katy Perry and T-Pain) “Hard” is visually uncompromising and unflinching and the song evinces an equally tough stance. Produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, and featuring¬† Young Jeezy, Rihanna told MTVNews that the duo thought the track might be too “ghetto” for her, but she dug its boldness. “It had such an attitude and a swagger … super cocky, and just a fun song,” she said.

We’ve got a 30-second sneak peek from the video for you right now, plus we’ll be premiering the entire video exclusively on MTV on Thursday, December 17 at 4p.m.¬† Check out a preview of this sexy new video below and check out more photos from the set too.

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