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Disgraced televangelist now selling food for the apocalypse
Posted by Matt Kaludi on 17th September 2014

The televangelist who served five years in a federal prison on fraud and conspiracy charges in the early 1990s is now selling End of the World Biscuits, Time of Trouble Beans and other survival gear for the end of days, The New York Daily News reports.

Jim Bakker 7 years of food

Bakker hawks his wares on his self-titled The Jim Bakker Show, where instead of purchasing items, viewers can buy “Love Gifts” –as they’re called –by making “donations” at extremely marked-up prices.

Along with the Time of Trouble Beans, which consists of 14 totes full of black bean burger mix for $3,000 and End of the World Biscuits, food items include End of the World Gravy and Kevin’s Krazy Lasagna.  Viewers can get an assortment of other survival gear including a Bakker’s Dozen Extreme Canteen Kit that consists of 13 packs of ponchos, thermal blankets, glow stick and whistles for $500.

A Live Warm Suit Jacket is also available that claims to keep “you warm and comfortable” at temperatures of -30 Fahrenheit, at a “donation” of $250.

Bakker served five years of a 45-year sentence for stealing millions from his ministry, The Praise the Lord Club.  He was also accused of raping Jessica Hahn, a church’s secretary, in the 1980s. Bakker testified that had been set up, arguing that sex with Hahn was consensual.

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