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Eat Smart: A 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan

  1. heathy-snack-choicesEat Healthy: Eating healthy isn’t a necessity, but makes you feel good inside and out. By creating a meal plan, you can incorporate a balanced diet, get rid of trans fats and refined grains/sugars, and start fueling your body with good-for-you foods that will make you feel better than ever!
  2. Save Time: Time is something we all cherish. It seems like we just don’t have enough of it these days. Meal planning can save you hours each week because you can be strategic about when you go to the grocery store and how long each meal takes you to prepare. I was meal planning for one, but would make 4 servings to ensure leftovers. It saved me hours and made for quick, easy meals at night
  3. Save Money: I think this is a given. Eating out may be convenient, but it definitely adds up, especially when you are eating out 3 meals/day. Let’s say that your average fast food meal costs $5.00. At 3 meals/day, 7 days a week, you would spend $105.00 on food for one person. Meal planning can help you cut cost and have more money to spend on more fun things!

Make chips: Thinly slice with a mandolin, mist with olive oil, season as desired and bake in the oven, flipping occasionally until crispy! Chop & Add: Scrub well and leave the skin on when chopping! It’s full of fiber and nutrients. Dice and add to soups, stews, casseroles, etc with lots of other veggies. Roast them: Scrub and dice. Mist with olive oil, season and roast on a pan in the oven until they’re nicely browned.


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