Angry Birds maker Rovio launches new Amazing Alex franchise

Rovio – the creator of the hit Angry Birds video games – is releasing its first new franchise since 2009.

Amazing Alex’s performance will be closely watched after the firm’s earlier series racked up more than one billion downloads.

Players must arrange objects on screen to create a chain reaction in which each piece of the puzzle has an effect on another until the goal is achieved.

One analyst said the firm might find it hard to repeat its previous success.

The launch was marred by a technical problem that caused error messages saying “this game is not recognized by the Game Center” to repeatedly appear on some users’ Apple devices.

Rovio said the problem was “frustrating” adding that it was trying to resolve the problem “as soon as possible” and suggested affected users should try to reboot their devices for a “temporary fix”.

Buying Casey

Unlike Rovio’s other games, Amazing Alex began its life outside the Finnish firm.

It was originally known as Casey’s Contraptions, a physics-based game in which players had to help the lead character free his toys.

It was released in 2011 by Noel Llopis, a California-based independent game developer, and the Washington-headquartered games studio Mystery Coconut.

It received positive reviews which compared the tasks involved to the outlandish machines drawn by the cartoonist Heath Robinson and the ad-hoc inventions of the 1980s television show MacGyver.

However, the title never became a hit and the developers sold their intellectual property rights to Rovio earlier this year, following which it was removed from Apple’s iOS store.

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