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hp webOS
by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

webOS is coming to PCs later this year

HP’s decided to end its fireworks-rich presentation on a gorgeous bombshell: webOS is coming to PCs! The company says it’s thinking beyond today and intends to take webOS to “other connected devices, including printers,...

HP TouchPad
by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

HP TouchPad first hands-on! (updated with video!)

By now, you know how HP’s new slate compares to the crowd — now, see how it looks up close and personal. We just got our hands on that dual-core Palm webOS tablet here in San Francisco, and it’s a beaut, with a slim black...

Smart grid and green tech at CES
by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

Smart grid and green tech at CES (photos)

Greenwave Reality CEO Greg Memo shows off how a grid-aware home energy system can be controlled and monitored either from a smart phone, PC, or Sony TV. Devices are connected to a home network by using smart plugs, seen on left, and a smart...

by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

Does a Facebook Phone Make Any Sense? (Updated)

Kat Hannaford and Jason Chen — A flurry of rumors circulated today about HTC launching Facebook-branded phones. Let’s talk about this! Updated. Why this rumor doesn’t make sense What CityAM is saying about the facebook phone...

by Ahmed Kaludi 8 years ago

AMD: We’re Benefiting from Intel’s Woes

FOX Business reports that AMD is benefiting from Intel’s current Sandy Bridge platform design “woes” thanks to OEMs and retailers approaching the company for additional supply. The news arrives just after Intel announced...