Hands on OnePlus X review: a startlingly good budget phone

by Ahmed Kaludi November 25, 2015 at 1:07 am

Review Rating

Overall 10 9
  • Design 9
  • Performance 10
  • Battery 8


  • Low cost
  • Improved design
  • MicroSD slot


  • Old processor
  • Fingerprint magnet

Last year, OnePlus upset the whole flagship world with its OnePlus One and it followed it up again this year with the even better OnePlus 2. That’s not going to happen here with the OnePlus X though.

Unlike OnePlus phones of the past, the X is more about style than it is about spec, coming in Onyx and Ceramic versions (glass and, well, ceramic) but still offering a really cheap price.


The main thing to get excited about is the design – this isn’t a phablet any more, rather a smaller phone with a five-inch screen that sits much more nicely in the hand.

However, the design isn’t supplemented by a totally awesome spec sheet – rather, just a sprinkling of attractive specs that are supplemented by some rather crazy ones.



The phone is definitely better crafted than ever before, with both the glass and ceramic versions looks rather nice and feeling decent in the hand. There’s actually very little to tell the ceramic and glass variants apart… weirdly OnePlus has polished the ceramic down to a glass-like finish, so it feel the same but is a little sharper and weighter.


The 13MP sensor is using Isocell technology and it’s really rather quick. When we run it through a harder camera test we suspect that it will come unstuck in the more technical images, but in quick snaps its shows that it’s got a great macro mode, quick snapping ability and enough modes to play with to make it worth trying out.

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