Sky Q first impressions: Hands-on with Sky’s new Netflix-rivalling TV experience

by Ahmed Kaludi November 24, 2015 at 8:57 pm

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It might finally be worth dusting off that little shelf under your telly: Sky has just given its TV services the biggest update in the company’s history. Called Sky Q, on a basic level it adds a new set-top box to the mix, along with 4K TV support. But that’s only the half of it. If Sky has its way, it means to entirely change our TV-viewing experience – melding together the modern world of live and on-demand content with multi-screen viewing.



With the addition of multi-room enabling Sky Q Mini boxes and dedicated apps, Sky Q hopes to take the service well beyond the living room experience – with live, on-demand and recorded content viewable across three TVs and two tablets simultaneously. Cherry-picking the best elements of Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV and squeezing them together into a single box, Sky Q is designed to be the ultimate menu to service our greedy, mass-consumption ways.

Of course, aside from 4K resolutions, the content itself is unlikely to change that much. And one key aspect was missing from the announcement – the price, with some experts suggesting an all-in Sky Q package could top £100 a month. But ahead of its consumer release in “early 2016′, we’ve had a brief play with the big brother to Sky+ HD. Here’s what we made of it.​

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