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by Ahmed Kaludi May 17, 2014 at 11:25 pm

The pioneer of the 140-character text update is rolling out a new image-centric Web profile page for users that bears a striking similarity to those of a certain other social network.

twitter profile layout 2014

The first thing you’ll notice is a huge new header image that extends across the top of your profile page, along with a missing background image. You can change your theme color by selecting “Edit profile,” but the background will remain uniformly gray.

Less obvious at first glance are a few new features—best tweets, pinned tweets and filtered tweets. Tweets that have more retweets, favorites or replies will appear slightly larger in your timeline. You can show off your favorite tweet by “pinning” it to the top of your page where it won’t get lost among your stream. Filtered tweets let you choose how to view other people’s tweets, photos, or @-replies.

Viewing photos, tweets or followers no longer shows you just lists, but rather large Twitter cards that emphasize visual elements such as a profile photo or embedded album—similar to a Facebook post.

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