10 Cars That Will Make It Past 200,000 Miles

On Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Want a car that will last a long, long time? Buy a Porsche.

According to Consumer Reports‘ latest reliability survey, all cars and SUVs made by the Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker are rated average or better when it comes to longevity. One car in particular–Porsche‘s ( PSEPF.PK – news – people ) $47,600 Boxster–stands above the rest. It has the best predicted reliability of any vehicle tested by Consumer Reports this year.

Behind the Numbers
To compile our list of the cars most worthy of trust over a long life on the road, we scoured Consumer Reports data from its October 2010 reliability survey for all new models in the United States. We selected the top-rated model in each of 10 automotive segments, from pick-up trucks and SUVs to tiny coupes and family sedans.

The big result this year? While Japanese brands still dominate our list (Toyota and Honda ( HMC – news – people ) had five and two entries, respectively), Ford has finally earned a spot among the best. More than 90% of the Ford products tested (including those with the Lincoln badge) have at least average reliability.

Slide Show: 10 Cars That Will Make It Past 200,000 Miles

In fact, predicted reliability for 2011 models of the two-seat convertible is expected to be 85% better than average. That’s why, along with the Lexus LX and the Toyota ( TM – news – people )Tundra, it makes our list of vehicles you can trust well beyond the 150,000-mile mark.

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