Blake Lively Is Supposedly the Next Face of Chanel Handbags

On Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Blake Lively is too young, perky, and good-looking not to lend her luminosity to a high-fashion advertising campaign. Seems like the time for the inevitable to happen may be now, according to E! Online:

The Gossip Girl beauty will star in a new ad campaign for Chanel. I’m told she was just in Paris shooting for the French fashion house’s handbag collection. The ads should launch early next year, the source says.

Blake is so friendly with Anna Wintour that she’s gotten two Vogue covers (three if you count the special “Best Dressed” issue) and was escorted by the editor to the Chanel couture show in Paris, where she got to meet Karl Lagerfeld. Wintour is also good pals with Karl, so she might have supported Blake’s doing a campaign. And the actress has always been great about going to Chanel events. Then again, she’s great about going to every event for everything every single night, so maybe that’s not saying so much.

Blake Lively’s the New Face of French Fashion [E! Online]

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