Tuesday 27 October, 2020
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China stunned the world’s financial markets on Wednesday by devaluing the yuan for the second consecutive day, triggering fears the world’s second largest economy is in worse shape than investors believed. The Chinese currency hit a four-year...

By admin on Aug 12th, 2015

The bailout deal Greece finalized with creditors on Tuesday, worth up to $94 billion, won’t bring significant relief from austerity, contrary to Greek government claims. The government takes credit for winning lower budget surplus targets...

By admin on Aug 12th, 2015

Three dozen retired generals and admirals released an open letter Tuesday supporting the Iran nuclear deal and urging Congress to do the same. Calling the agreement “the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining...

By admin on Aug 12th, 2015
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has asked that her attorney turn over her private email server along with a flash drive containing work-related emails to the Justice Department, PEOPLE can confirm. Nick Merrill, Clinton’s spokesman told PEOPLE on Tuesday...

By admin on Aug 12th, 2015
A map showing ISIL zones is displayed as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper delivers a speech during a campaign stop in Ottawa on Sunday, August 9, 2015. Harper announced that if re-elected his party would impose banned travel zones to combat terrorism.
(Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Syrian Canadians say they fear they will face prosecution in Canada for visiting family in the country of their birth under a new law that is being proposed by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. A map showing ISIL zones is displayed as Conservative...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
larry page

Google is dead. Long live Alphabet. The website abc.xyz. The tech company announced on Monday that it would rebrand itself as Alphabet – a new holding company whose largest wholly owned subsidiary will be Google. In a surprise blog post made...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
The plant is expected to be producing energy by the end of the week

Anti-nuclear sentiment still runs high in Japan four years after the worst nuclear crisis in a generation [Reuters]A power plant operator in southern Japan restarted a nuclear reactor on Tuesday, the first to begin operating under new safety...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
Euclides Tsakalotos

The Greek government announced it has struck an ambitious bailout deal with creditors aimed at securing around €86bn (£61bn) over three years in return for radical economic reforms to be pushed through parliament as early as this week. Greek...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
bomb discovery

Residents spend night in school hall as army disposal personnel work on unexploded 500lb bomb unearthed on building site in east London Hundreds of families in east London were spending Monday night in a school hall as army disposal experts...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
Sundar Pichai

When Google announced a surprise restructuring on Monday, a very big spotlight suddenly shone on Sundar Pichai, the executive who will replace Larry Page as Google’s CEO. Pichai’s appointment is part of restructuring that will end with a...

By admin on Aug 11th, 2015
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