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In the past months I’ve spent a lot of time talking to beta users and beta customers. One of my conclusions is that our product is just not cool enough, not fun enough.

I remembered this video by Dave McClure on how to pitch to a VC your problem and the importance of solving a problem that people can relate to on an emotional level. I’m sure some of you think that being a cool startup is not important but to be the next really big thing you have to be cool! To those of you who are skeptical just think of Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Dropbox and Foursquare. It doesn’t matter if they’re investors, employees or customers – people want to be a part of something cool.

“A 1 million dollar company is not cool, you know what’s cool, a 1 billion dollar company, that’s cool.”

The Idea

As an entrepreneur, seeing the massive amount of new startups emerging is truly amazing. However, as Paul Graham said to these two young entrepreneurs in Y Combinator office hours, there are bigger problems to solve (speed up to min 20). [ Continue Reading… ]

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