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With an audience that only has an attention span of 8 seconds, don’t give them an additional reason to visit your competitors website. Also, most browsers don’t display flash.

Improve Your Designs
Any media or animation should be used to support your content.

The other element you want to limit the use of on across your website is jargon. No one likes that gobbledygook. Those terms will either mean nothing to your visitors or you’ll make them roll their eyes.

With your screenshot loaded into your image editing application, desaturate the colors completely. The purpose of this test is to find areas of the image that might have a lot of contrast in color but not enough contrast in value (the difference between light and dark). For example, take a look at the portfolio piece in the top center. The number 2 has some well defined yellow edges in the color version, but as soon as it’s black and white, the lines become a bit fuzzy. This particular instance isn’t too bad, but if you run this test and find page elements that appear to blend together (especially text) then you should reconsider the colors and values.

One of the best ways to achieve a minimalist design is to feature a large header on your homepage. The best large headers consist simply of an image with a quick caption.

With only about two seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, a large header featuring a stunning image should do the trick!

Take this concept a step further by turning your large header into a large image slider.

Don’t just start designing your website. To ensure that your website is effectively meeting the needs of your visitors you need to map out your customers journey from the first time they visit your website to the moment they become a customer.

What pages are they going to view, content they’re going to read and what offers are they going to convert on? Understanding that information will help you design a site that helps push leads down the sales funnel.


Unfortunately, many small-business owners don’t think enough about their company’s story and how it comes across. I can say that with confidence because I’ve witnessed many ineffective pitches at conferences and chamber of commerce mixers. At the last chamber mixer I attended, I asked one person what he did. His response started with, “That’s a good question…” Five minutes later, he was still trying to describe his new company, and I was trying to find a polite way out of the conversation.

As a communications coach, I’ve developed a four-step exercise that will work for any company or product. You must simply answer each of the following four questions in no more than two sentences:

  1. What do you do?
  2.  What problem do you solve?
  3.  How is your product or service different?
  4.  Why should I care?

Looking for some User Interface (UI) design for inspiration or free UI PSDs for your next design project? We dived into, and handpicked you some of the finest (and free) PSDs shared by various designers.

iGravertical Screen Layers + iOS 7 Screen Converter

10 Free PSD's for Trendy Perspective App Mockups

Perspective App Screen Mock-Up 5

10 Free PSD's for Trendy Perspective App Mockups

Perspective App Screen Mock-Up 4

10 Free PSD's for Trendy Perspective App Mockups

Perspective App Screens Mock-Up

10 Free PSD's for Trendy Perspective App Mockups

Isometric Perspective MockUp

10 Free PSD's for Trendy Perspective App Mockups


In the world of memes, now is apparently never too soonto instigate some laughs at the expense of someone’s death. Shortly after Kim Jong-il’s death was announced Sunday, the web swung into action, dishing out not only the usual news stories and tweets but also an odd second-generation meme.

A Tumblr blog called Kim Jong-un Looking at Things immediately popped up, and it features pictures of the North Korean leader’s son and “Great Successor,” Kim Jong-un, staring at you, mountains, industrial equipment and other objects. The thumbnail of this post (above) shows Kim Jong-un looking at “the rhythm” of his clapping.

The single-topic blog follows in the footsteps of Kim Jong-il Looking at Things, which launched in 2010 to showcase the dictator gazing at things such as sweaters, army cadets and sausages. Containing only six photographs so far, the new blog should fill up as Kim Jong-un makes more public appearances in his role as North Korea’s head honcho. Someone also has created a nearly identical blog on Posterous.

The original Looking at Things blog first caught mainstream attention in December 2010 after a thread on Reddit racked up more than 2,000 up votes, says Know Your Meme‘s entry about the blog. The Washington Post, NPR, Funny or Die and Laughing Squid were among the major media outlets and humor blogs to share the blog with the world, Know Your Meme reports.

Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack Saturday, according to North Korean state television, which also said Kim Jong-un is heir to the throne.

Yahoo has shut down The Projector, The Set, The Amplifier and The Famous, four blogs covering television, movie, music and celebrity topics, respectively.

The blogs announced the news on their Twitter accounts, adding that “other blogs” will be shut down as well.

“As was just announced, Yahoo has decided to let @YahooProjector shuffle off this mortal coil. It’s a damn shame: We were having such fun,” tweeted The Projector‘s co-editor Will Leitch.

Some of the editors involved even managed to muster a joke. “Starting to think that this giant purple Y! tattoo I got last year wasn’t the best idea. #maw,” tweeted Mark Lisanti one of the managing editors of Yahoo’s entertainment blogs.

This latest move could simply be Yahoo getting rid of properties that haven’t been performing well, but it could also mean the company is shedding extra pounds, preparing for a takeover from one of (reportedly) many interested parties.


Move over Grinch, the Angry Birds pigs are the new villains out to destroy Christmas. But don’t fear, we know you’ve been practicing flinging birds at those wretched hogs all year and are ready to defend your turf.

Presenting the latest mission for you and your slingshot: the house-sized Angry Birds game, created in Christmas lights. This huge-scale world — made up of more than 20,000 individual bulbs — is controlled by two computers and 10 Light-O-Rama 16 [ Continue Reading… ]

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