Startup founders and employees of GroupMe,, Birchbox, RockMelt, Path and a slew of other companies have just put their spin on the Internet’s biggest hit of 2011 — Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.”

The “holiday” parody from First Round Capital features 22 startups and a handful of venture capitalists belting out original lyrics set to Black’s inescapable auto-tuned song (listen to the original below).

Lyrics in this rendition of “Friday” highlight startups’ journey toward obtaining funding. “VCs in the front seat, VCs in the back seat,” they sing. “Gotta make my mind up, which one should I take. It’s the first round, first round. You only get one first round.”

Just like Black gave us a helpful tune to remember the days of the week, the startups use the song’s bridge to remind us how funding rounds work: “The next round is second round, and the third round comes afterwards.”