Amazon may have issued an update to its Kindle Fire this morning, but Conan O’Brien was still able to skewer the device and some of the early customer complaints on his show.

Team Coco and crew mock the Kindle Fire’s ill-placed power button, security concerns and other areas of dissatisfaction.

O’Brien has a history of mocking tech products. In March, Team Coco produced a pitch-perfect parody of Apple’s iPad 2 launch video. In June, Conan and crew targeted the ill-received Final Cut Pro X.

Of course, Amazon has promised that it will continue to improve the Kindle Fire software and that it is actively addressing customer concerns. Mashable readers have told us they are very satisfied with the Kindle Fire, regardless of whatever 1.0 software niggles might exist. In fact, Amazon says its selling 1 million Kindle products (which includes more than just the Kindle Fire) each week.

The device is a bonafide hit — which is why it’s ripe for mockery on late-night television.