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It can be challenging for unknown startups to garner press attention — budgets are tight, relationships with journalists may not be that strong and explaining a new concept is difficult. Not to mention, early-stage startups usually only employ a few people focused on product and development. Therefore, marketing and public relations are often tackled piecemeal by whomever has time.

Good press, though, can be one of the biggest drivers for startups looking to grow their user bases, and as a result, a pretty important component for success.

As a tech journalist, I’ve been pitched by hundreds of companies and have developed a taste for what works and what doesn’t. Read on for my startup tips.

  1. Know What’s Newsworthy
  2. Have a Concise, Value-Driven Message
  3. Understand a Journalist’s Coverage Area & Audience
  4. Customize Your Pitches
  5. Avoid Press Releases & Simple Mistakes
  6. Have Useful Assets Available
  7. Consider Timing with Exclusives and Embargoes
  8. Offer Up Unique Data
  9. Follow Reporters on Twitter
  10. Reverse Pitch Using HARO & NewsBasis

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