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What Every Pre-Teen Really Wants You to Know… But May Not Tell You.

The Turning Point happens when kids enter those turbulent teen years. Their world and yours can be turned upside down. Your ability to help them depends on the relationship you have already built. The age 12 is considered by many “The Turning Point.” It is perhaps the last, best chance to build a “Bridge of Peace” that will positively impact a kid’s life!

So before your kids turn into teens, you need to know what they are really thinking and feeling.
Here’s what American kids told us they want you to know!

Students taking test in classroom
Students taking test in classroom

“I need a safe place.”
Your child needs to feel emotionally and physically safe at home, on the street, in school, wherever he or she goes. But 12-year-olds have some very specific fears that you need to know about and address.

“There are these guys at school…”
Bullies are an age-old problem that can create modern-day fears. One of every four preteens are so afraid of being hurt or threatened by other kids that they go out of their way to avoid bullies by changing what they do or where they go. Talk to your child about what is happening at school, on the bus or on the way home. Make sure your child knows what to do and where to go to keep safe.

“I’m afraid…”
Today’s kids have adult fears. The number one concern of American preteens is fear of their parents’ dying. No matter what you or your child is going through, your kids need you. More than half of all pre-teens are afraid they will get AIDS, are afraid they might die or are afraid their parents will not be able to pay bills. Almost one in two preteens are afraid they might be physically or sexually abused. These fears are real! Talk about them with your child. Assure your kids that you want to protect them and that it is safe to talk about their fears.


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