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Acne in pre-teens, when to consult the Dermatologist

Teenage girl squeezing a spot
Teenage girl squeezing a spot

The transition from kid to teen seems to happen overnight. One night you are reading “Goodnight Moon” and the next morning they wake up with a pimple. Running to the Dermatologist that morning might be extreme, but when is the right time to seek professional guidance?

Changing skin and breakouts are a part of growing up and as parents we don’t want to overreact or make our kids feel self- conscious. However there are an increasing number of options for treating acne and educating your teen (or tween) early on good skin care is important.

Factors to keep in mind: Some teens actually receive information better from people who are not their parent. If this sounds like your child, make an appointment. A Dermatology Provider can talk directly to your teen about the importance of preventing breakouts and acne, using a wash with benzoyl perioxide or salicylic acid and regular washing. Sometimes a little education and the right product can make a big difference and it is easier to prevent acne with early intervention. At Bend Dermatology Clinic, I see patients as young as 10 for acne, everyone is different, but early treatment can prevent scarring later on. Bottom line, if over the counter products don’t seem to work, or you notice the acne having a negative impact on your childs self-esteem bring him/ her in.

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