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Sniper Kills Gunman Who Attacked Dallas Police Headquarters
Posted by admin on 14th June 2015

The suspect in a standoff that followed Saturday’s shootout at Dallas Police headquarters has been confirmed dead by police.

The man’s identity has yet to be officially confirmed, the Dallas Police Department tweeted.

The suspect was shot by a police sniper earlier, as officers tried to gain access to his armored van, which had been disabled by a police sharpshooter in a Hutchins, Texas, parking lot.

The suspect, who identified himself to police as James Boulware, opened fire on officers outside Dallas Police headquarters Saturday morning after ramming his van into a squad car, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said in a news conference Saturday.

He then led cops on a chase to a Jack in the Box parking lot in suburban Hutchins, where a standoff ensued. Police shot the engine block of the suspect’s vehicle with a sniper rifle.

Cops shot the suspect with the sniper rifle just after 5 a.m. local time.

Boulware, who was in contact with police via cell phone, had been negotiating with officers. He said he had been hurt, Reuters reported.

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