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Facebook is measuring the time you spend on News Feed Stories
Posted by admin on 14th June 2015

In its effort to enhance the news feeds for Facebook users worldwide, the social media leader is now measuring the length of time that users spend on news feed stories. The change comes consequent to data culled from a survey that sought rating from users  on their experience and share with the company, how in their opinion, how the content they wish to see on facebook could be improved. The data obtained from the survey revealed that traditional metrics such as sharing, liking, and commenting were by themselves inadequate.

Researchers at Facebook therefore reached the conclusion that analysis of data from the survey indicated that users in fact did want to look at information relating to trending current events which they were not necessarily keen on interacting with.

fb-newsfeed 2016

Consequent to this, the algorithm that ranks the company’s news feed now has a new metric: the time spent by viewers on the news feed. According to the software engineers from the company, the new metric has been implemented and will continue to be rolled out over the forthcoming weeks. Ansha Yu and Sami Tas, who authored the announcement note that the company was not expecting any significant changes in the distribution of pages because of this change to the algorithm. In another report, Engadget noted that  the sophisticated new system for relevance weighted adjustment does account for slower internet connectivity by comparing the time it consumed for users to view a particular news  relative to their usual browsing habits. In another related news, Facebook has also launched a new feature targeted at parents, pets and kids christened as scrapbook .In yet another news about Facebook, though unrelated to this story, the Facebook Messenger clocked 1 billion downloads on Android.

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