Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records

“Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records” Coming to DVD on April 24th

Most people remember 1968 as the year The Beatles released their eclectic self-titled album which became popularly known as The White Albumfor its distinctly plain cover. However, 1968 also marked the year John, Paul, George, and Ringo opened Apple Records–the band’s artist-friendly music company. Apple records was focused on finding and unleashing rare music talents, no matter the genre.

Now, MVD Entertainment Group will release a brand new documentary that will delve into the history of Apple Records with interviews featuring former label M.D. Tony Bramwell, members of Badfinger, The Iveys and Elephant’s Memory, Jackie Lomax, Brute Force and David Peel. “Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records” is due for release on April 24th and will also feature rare photos, archival video footage, interviews with Apple Records artists, and music recorded by artists signed under the original Beatles label.

Check out the official trailer below: