Kelly Clarkson's New Man So Kelly Clarkson is dating Reba McEntire‘s stepson and Blake Shelton‘s manager, Brandon Blackstock. They’ve kept their relationship pretty low key until she recently revealed its existence on the radio, but we want to know more about the man who swept the original American Idol off her feet!

So far, we don’t know much other than what we just mentioned above, but here are a few more insights into the mystery man:

He likes to tweet. Especially if it’s @kelly_clarkson. The singer retweeted a message from Will Smith that read, “Texting the same person all day and night and never getting bored because you like them that much.” In response, Brandon flirtatiously asked, “Who you texting?”

Our hypothesis? He knew who she was texting all along…because it was HIM! Ha!

We bet we know how they met too. His dad, Narvel Blackstock, is not only married to country music star Reba, but he is one of Kelly’s managers!

Friends describe Brandon as “just what [Kelly] needed.” That’s promising! The last boyfriend Kelly had was singer Graham Colton, whom she broke up with 6 years ago. Now she’s finally found love and sources have said:

”Before Brandon, Kelly had a really tough time with love. [Brandon] is just what she needed.”

Beyond the fact that Kelly is a huge Blake Shelton fan, we’re not sure of anything else that this couple has going on, but we’re just happy that she has found love again! Good luck, guys!